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Growing A Greenhouse In Alaska Is Difficult: Bearfoot Report

The problems of watering gardens in rural Alaska.
Water buckets near an Alaska greenhouse.

It's Hard To Get Water To Your Alaska Garden

A lot of rural Alaskans don't have a subterranean water source. Think about it. They don't live near a municipal water company, which pipes water under the ground. So they have to dig wells. If they don't have enough money to dig a well (Alaskan wells can be hundreds of feet deep) or if water is hard to find, then they have to haul water. You either haul water in jugs from a little pump house (if one of your neighbors has decided to provide one to the community) or you haul water on your pickup truck in a large plastic container especially made for the job. Or, there may be somebody living nearby, if you're lucky, who can bring water to you in a big water truck, something like a fuel truck takes gas to a gas station.

If you do have a well, the water is most likely just above freezing when it comes out of the tap, winter or summer. So you have to let it sit in a barrel or buckets outside, to let it warm up a bit before dumping it on your plants, and shocking and stunting their growth. These are water buckets to hold icy well water and let it warm up before use.

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