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Got Muktuk? Alaskan Shopper At Costco Food Court

100% All-Whale Muktuk.

Alaskans Eat A Broad Range Of Foods, Including Berries, Pizza and Whale Blubber 

A shopper in the North Anchorage DeBarr Road Costco food court is surrounded by signs for condiments, all-beef hot dogs, and soft drinks as he returns to his seat with a foil-wrapped piece of pepperoni pizza. Anchorage is "Alaska" -- but it's a completely different world from one where muktuk is a favored food. Muktuk is whale blubber, a delicacy in coastal Alaskan communities.

There are many people who have lived in Alaska all their lives and never seen it. And you could certainly never buy it in an Anchorage Costco store -- though you can buy dried Japanese seaweed, Irish cheese, and rice from the Himalayas.

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