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Traveling In Alaska: Harry Heulings' Visitor Photographs Of Alaska Wildlife

Bald Eagle In Juneau, Alaska Tree. Photograph by Harry Heulings

Snapshots in Juneau & Denali National Park, Taken By A Visiting Tourist

Denali Park Caribou. Photo, Harry Heulings.

Travelers to Alaska love to take photographs of the wildlife. Here are some pictures taken by a traveler, Harry Heulings, and sent to the Bearfoot Travel Guides.

Here are Harry's comments about his photographs:
I was standing on a very crowded sidewalk waiting for a tour bus to see the town of Juneau. We saw the eagle in the tree across the street. I zoomed in with the camera lens for the shot. I was lucky because of the crowd constantly walking by bumping into me. We were on a cruise and docked in Juneau, walked down by Taku fish store and noticed the eagle perched in the tree.
The caribou was taken through a tour bus window in Denali Park. He turned just at the right time for the pose.  I loved taking pictures in Alaska. I think we took 1600 pictures. We live in Collingswood, New Jersey.

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