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Bearfoot Guides Of Alaska: Nine Year Old Rescues 4-Year Old Who Falls Into Alaskan Creek

Four Year Old Rescued By Older Child, TJ Huddleston, Who Waded Into Water To Save Him

Historically, rivers and lakes are extremely dangerous in the Copper River Valley. Grown men have died crossing creeks. Part of the problem is the extremely cold water, which knocks the breath out of you and causes you to inhale reflexively -- pulling the water into your lungs. During the great Alaska Gold Rush, creeks were a hazard, both winter and summer.   Updated, October, 2014

Crreks are dangerous. This is Brushkana Creek, on the Denali Highway. (Photo, Chad Cook at BLM)

From: June 21st, 1990 Copper River Country Journal 

TOLSONA -- A nine and a half year old boy, T.J. Huddleston, saved the life of 4-year old Caleb Mailly after Caleb wandered over to watch some older children, and fell into Tolsona Creek at a picnic.

The incident occurred at a picnic that Mendeltna Chapel congregation members held at Tolsona Creek. T.J., who learned to swim in Valdez, told the Journal he waded into the water and grabbed Caleb. "He fell in pretty deep," said T.J. "He was crying when he got out."

Both Caleb and T.J. live in the Mendeltna area.

Comment, October 5th, 2016
Am forever in debt to TJ. He saved my life.

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