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Garrett's Gas Station One-Woman Effort Funds New Homes & A School In Vietnam

Alaskans Believe In Giving Back

Angela Garrett of Anchorage, along with her husband, Nelson, run a busy gas station on Arctic Blvd. But, they also run a support program for the entire Vietnamese village which Angela came from. Garrett's is, by far, the most "Alaskan" gas station in Anchorage. Its small little office is always full of customers who come in to say hello. Recently, the pumps were upgraded. You don't have to go in, because it accepts credit cards. But that doesn't stop longtime customers. They WANT to drop by and say hello.

While there, they're asked to help support Angela's many causes. And to look at the photos on the walls. There are orphans, families with new homes, and smiling photos of hundreds of people in Vietnam who have benefitted from Angela's efforts.

She looked at all of Nelson Garrett's loyal customers, and saw a way of helping bankroll homes. With tiny donations -- and a plastic jug -- she's whittled away at bringing 18 families new houses in her village. The Garretts have also funded a school. And they work tirelessly to support a growing number of orphans.

It's an unusual gas station; both very Alaskan, and very cosmopolitan. But all heart.

It's not difficult to help others. This is Angela Garrett.The Garretts help people in Vietnam.
Nelson and Angela Garrett run an Anchorage Tesoro gas station -- and a volunteer community renovation system.

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