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Bearfoot Guide's Report On Alaska Native People & Their Art On Alaska's Road System

Native cultures of Alaska.
Traveler in Anchorage views map of Alaska's Native cultures.

Three Different Groups Of Alaska Natives Live On The Road System. All Of Them Are Athabascan Indians

Dena'ina Indians Of The Kenai, Anchorage & Mat-Su Valleys

The Dena'ina live to the south, where Anchorage now is, and down into the Kenai Peninsula.

Nina Alexander: beaded mukluk slippers with a floral pattern.
Nina Alexander, a Tanana Athabascan, made these slippers in Nenana, Alaska.
This was an advantageous place, because it was so close to the sea, which is the source of wealth and food around the world.
Functional Native American beauty.
This is a beaded Athabascan baby-carrying strap.

Ahtna Indians Of The Copper Valley, Denali Highway & Cantwell

The Ahtna live north of the Dena'ina, mainly in the Copper River Valley, between the Alaska Range and the Chugach Range. The Ahtna were known for their Copper River salmon -- plump and healthy fish who traveled a long way. And for their copper, which they fashioned into arrowheads, pots and other useful items.




Tanana Indians Of the Tanana Valley

The Tanana people live north of the Alaska Range, on and near the great Tanana River, in the birch country of the north.

These Native Americans are just some of the many Natives who live in Alaska, scattered throughout the state. Many Natives come to Anchorage and Fairbanks to live. Their original homes -- their actual homes -- may be as far away as Nome or Barrow, in Eskimo country. But, when you're driving through Alaska, you are in Athabascan territory.

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